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Having a Catholic Wedding here is a checklist

Having a Catholic Wedding here is a checklist

  • Goan Catholic weddings have a plenty of ceremony/ traditions attached to it for which you will have to decide well in advance whether you are going to have a ceremony with the traditions included or you only plan to have the just a few highlights.
  • Check with the church before you finalize on the date and time of the wedding nuptials, the church has a religious calendar chalked for the entire day. You must ask the church for the time-slots available during the day as well.
  • Take the necessary permissions if you are marrying in a different parish other than your home parish that belong to. Also note here that priests do not conduct the ceremony outside the church just in case you plan to do so.
  • Check with the office of the church if you have to produce any paperwork for the ceremony. Many churches require you to have to baptism, communion and confirmation certificates.
  • You will also have to check with the church in case you are marrying someone outside the religion and also if a conversion is required
  • If its is your second marriage the previous one needs to be annulled if your previous spouse is alive. This involves plenty of paperwork and is rather complicated if you are getting married in a Roman Catholic church
  • As you approach the date of the nuptials, meet the officiant to discuss the sequence of events for the ceremony. The officiant will guide you on the readings and blessings that would take place.
  • The Pre-Cana is the premarital preparatory programmed that the church requires for which you should enroll.
  • Discuss with the priest about the dress requirements and etiquette required to be followed during the ceremony. The church always allows minimum decor that include aisle runners and other floral decor at the alter.
  • The church requires that at either the maid of honor or the best man to be catholic and they should understand their role in the ceremony
  • You will have to coordinate with the church in advance whether the bridal members want to receive communion and attend mass in the morning before the ceremonial schedule.
  • Get in touch with the stationer to print the pew cards for the both your families to be seated in the first few rows of the church
  • Check with the church whether the choir will be provided or you can hire you own choir. If you choose to do so you will have to run the hymns by the priest in advance
  • You will have to let the church know of the family members that will be a part of the ceremony for the readings, offertory and other rituals.
  • Check with the decorator on the styles available for the aisle runners, candles and flowers
  • Your choice of site for the rehearsal dinner and final guest list should be in place
  • If you wish to receive a Papal Blessing in a Roman Catholic Church you will have to begin the paperwork well in advance and contact the chancery office of the local diocese.
  • Finalize with the parish priest the ceremony booklets that also have the hymns printed in them so that everyone can participate in the ceremony
  • You will also have to be available for the reading of the Banns which is an notice announced in church of your intention to wed that are also posted on the churches notice boards
  • As you get closer to the date of the ceremony schedule a final meeting with the priest.
  • Finalize on the readings and vows
  • Send our rehearsal dinner invites.

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